Poet to share 'Poetic Journey to China' on Saturday

Robert Giannetti 

Internationally-awarded poet Robert Giannetti will share "A Poetic Journey to China," at a poetry reading at 2 p.m. on Saturday at the Lewiston Public Library. 

Giannetti will share some of his recent work and offer personal reflections on a trip to Beijing and Sichuan Province, where he took part in an invitational gathering of poets from around the world prior to the pandemic.

The former owner of Bob's Books in Lewiston has authored three books of poetry and received honors for his work at home and abroad. He has been published in translation in Poland, China and Nepal, and been recognized for his ability to express universal truths with simplicity and beauty.

His poetry is said to evoke the wonders of the natural world and everyday life with an engaging philosophical resonance.

For more information contact Librarian Michelle Kratts at mkratts@nioga.org for more information or call the library at 754-4720.

The library is located at 305 S. 8th St, Lewiston.


Here is a poem by Robert Giannetti of Lewiston who will be doing a reading at the Lewiston Library on Saturday. The poem is from a visit to China prior to the pandemic. 


On a flight to China before the Pandemic

Twenty hours non-stop in coach

From Toronto to Beijing

I recall the close air in that cabin

Going from East to West 

And then West to East 

Traversing the North Pole 

All of us breathing that same air

Cramped in a tight space

Gliding down over Mongolia

In anticipation of disembarking in Beijing

Unconcerned that our closeness on the journey

Could spell illness and death

In whatever language we spoke --

Then and now a human race

Soon to have

Our kinship confirmed anew

When the plague closed  

Upon us all unable to fly

And breathe in peace 

In close quarters 

Without fear.

— Robert M. Giannetti, 2021

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