Protecting your financial assets

Maureen Wendt

Your financial protection should be important to you. You work hard and count on your income to pay expenses and put some aside for the future. Do you wonder if there is more you can do to protect your future? Your future could be saving for a college education for your children or a secure retirement.

What do you think is your most valuable asset? It’s important to have a solid investment strategy — the role of your investment strategy is to help protect your savings and investments by guarding against market volatility, lowering tax liability, and offsetting the effect of inflation. The right investment strategy is important but can only protect the assets you already have accumulated and even the best strategy may not protect your most valuable asset — your earning power.

Your earning power can be a tremendous asset, but is only a potential asset. It can only be realized over time and time may not be on your side. Have you thought about planning for potential loss and the “what ifs”?

Disability is more common than you think:

• Over 25% of today’s 20 year old will become disabled before they retire

• Over 3 million Americans are classified as disabled — about 12% of the population

• More than 50% of disabled Americans are in their working years — ages 18-64

• People age 65 will face at least a 40% lifetime risk of entering a nursing home

If you are interested in learning more about protecting your most valuable asset — your family and your future earnings potential, as well as preparing for the unexpected and understanding the need to prepare for disability or future long-term care needs, I hope you will consider attending a “Financial Protection - Protecting your Assets” from noon to 1 p.m. on Thursday at the Dale Association, 33 Ontario St., Lockport.

This is a free workshop presented by John MacDonald, Financial Consultant AXA Advisors, LLC and partner Harbortown Financial Group LLC. This workshop is designed to provide you with sound financial strategies and practical advice to live your best life — regardless of the size of our bank account. Please call 433-1886 to reserve your seat.


Maureen A. Wendt is president and CEO of The Dale Association, a non-profit organization that provides senior, mental health, in-home care, caregiver support services and enrichment activities for adults. For more information, call 433-1937 or visit .