SENIOR SPOTLIGHT: Celebrate moms with The Dale

Maureen Wendt

Mother's Day is a celebration honoring the mothers of the family as well as motherhood, maternal bonds and the influence of mothers in society. Across the world, it is celebrated on various days. In the United States, Mother's Day is on the second Sunday each May. This year it is May 12th.

In 1868, Ann Jarvis created a committee to establish "Mother's Friendship Day" and frequently expressed her desire for Mother's Day to become a national holiday. She is recognized as the individual who inspired Mother's Day. The inspiration for her efforts was to raise awareness of poor economic and health conditions affecting children, a cause Jarvis believed was best advocated by mothers, 150 years ago.

The initial proclamation that suggested Mother's Day was in the 1870s by Julia Ward Howe (famous for writing the words to the Battle Hymn of the Republic) asking women everywhere to join for world peace.

Ann Jarvis' daughter Anna Jarvis is recognized as being the founder of Mother's Day. She continued her mother's work after her death, leading the movement that led to the proclamation declaring Mother's Day a national holiday. Mother's Day became nationally recognized in 1914 with a proclamation signed by Woodrow Wilson. President Wilson declared Mother's Day to be a public expression of our love and reverence for the mothers of our country.

My mother passed away too many years ago at too young an age. I celebrate her and her influence on me, my siblings and others. How do you celebrate your mother or maternal role models?

The Dale Association is celebrating mothers with a Mother's Day luncheon that will take place on Tuesday, May 7, at 11:30 a.m., at 33 Ontario St., Lockport. Lunch will include chicken tetrazzini, buttered parsley rotini pasta, garden salad, whole wheat dinner roll and cheesecake with cherries. Please call 433-1886 to make a reservation. Entertainment is also provided.

Maureen A. Wendt is president and CEO of The Dale Association, a non-profit organization that provides senior, mental health, in-home care, caregiver support services and enrichment activities for adults. For more information, call 433-1937 or visit .