The Sunflowers of Sanborn are in full bloom and people are flocking to the popular Niagara County attraction at 3111 Saunders Settlement Road to visit the bright and cheery fields of sunflowers.

Sunflowers of Sanborn is one of my favorite locations to take pictures. I would like to share some tips with you that will really bring out the best in your images. Any camera or phone will allow you to get some really great snapshots and these tips work for general photography as well.

1. Place your subject with the sun behind it. This will minimize harsh spots and squinting. You can crop the sun out if it is too high and too bright. Photography is all about good light, so this is important to getting better photos. The word photography means to write with light.

2. Place the subject in front of the flowers and behind. This will give your image some dimension. For small children, place them near smaller flowers or they will get lost. You don’t want the flowers competing with the main subject, your child.

3. Get close to the subject and fill the frame. You don’t need to use the zoom feature on the phone or camera, simply walk closer to your subject.

4. Place your subject off to the side for an interesting composition. Place your subject off to the left or right and show the flowers in the background.

5. Get the action! Try having your subject do something natural to avoid a static look. Looking back, smelling flowers, running, etc. Cameras work best in bright light for action shots.

I hope these tips will help you capture many happy memories for years to come.

Lori Jagow is a writer and professional photographer who works as a pastoral counselor at Pendleton Center United Methodist Church. Visit her on Facebook or email her at

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