WOLCOTTSVILLE — Four small breed puppies were found lost or abandoned in the Tonawanda Wildlife Management Area by Griswold Road, two on June 22, and another two on June 29.

According to Scott Wymyczak, animal control officer for the Town of Royalton, the puppies all appear to be of the same family; one is predominantly cocker spaniel and the other three appear to be maltese mixes. Each puppy weighs approximately 6 pounds and appears to be in good health.

The dogs are not local and none of their breeds was registered in the area, Wymyczak said.

“When we find a loose dog, we do a license check in the area. These dogs were not licensed anywhere near here,” he said.

Wymczak noted all the puppies are of breeds that would become easy prey for other animals in the vicinity.

“It’s possibly a dumping ground again,” Wymyczak said of the Wildlife Management Area. “We’ve had areas of this town that have been dumping grounds in the past.”

The puppies were found in pairs by families in the area while hiking.

“The second group were found by people hiking with their three-year-old daughter,” Wymyczak said. “They found one dog in the road and heard the crying of the other. The same thing happened for the first group.”

The Town of Royalton Animal Control works with Diamonds in the Ruff, the Lockport-based animal rescue and foster operation. Once a space is open, the organization takes in the animal. In the meantime, Wymyczak and his crew are taking good care of the dogs at the Royalton shelter.

Because no one has come forward since the puppies were found on June 22, two of the puppies will be seen by a veterinarian on Thursday and will then be placed in a foster family. The second pair will be seen by the vet sometime next week, Wymyczak said.

Wymyczak says there’s no reason for anyone to put a defenseless companion animal out on its own. Organizations like Diamonds in the Ruff exist to help find homes for unwanted animals and all anyone needs to do is get touch with one of them.

“Dumping an animal is the worst thing you can do,” he said. 

Wymyczak asks any possible owners of these dogs to contact him at 417-5151.

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