Socially safe block party

Contributed PhotoBetsy and Peter Diachun, shown at left, hosted a driveway block party on Saturday in Lewiston and shared a pleasant and socially safe event with neighbors from about 10 different households on Page Avenue. Above, they are shown chatting with neighbors across the street, Nick and Melanie Flugel. 

There was a block party on Page Avenue in Lewiston Saturday night.

Although in this time of safe social distancing, it might have been better dubbed a driveway party.

Betsy Diachun and her husband, Peter, hosted the party after Betsy heard about others doing it in Amherst and other places. 

She wrote up invitations, put them in plastic zip bags weighted down by a couple of pennies, and left one in each driveway, inviting neighbors to at the least come out and wave at each other. Many did more than that, bringing their lawn chairs and perching at the foot of their driveways ready to chat, just as Betsy had hoped. 

The event on Saturday was a success, she said.

"A lot of our neighbors came out to their front driveways, we chatted a little while and then we congregated in the street," Peter explained to a visitor on Sunday from the safety of his own driveway.

Neighbors learned about each other, Betsy said. Several people found out they worked in the same place. Some others found out they shared the same landlord and they had a chance to say nice things about that landlord.

Many came out with refreshments in hand. "Somebody was serving chocolate martinis and I guess those went down very well, too," Betsy said. 

From the sound of it, it may be a new trend in this COVID-19 era, because when neighbors come out to meet each other and share a beverage, because on Saturday, just as Besty hoped, a good time was had by all. 

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