Accused rapist could face charges in new case

Eduardo E. Rodriguez

A Falls man, already charged with kidnapping, raping and repeatedly stabbing a woman at his home last year, could face additional sex crime counts linked to a 2014 rape.

Prosecutors said on Thursday that a “CODIS hit” has matched DNA taken from Eduardo E. Rodriguez to a previously unknown suspect in a 2014 Falls rape case. Assistant District Attorney Lisa Bearhe said as a result of that “hit,” Falls police have opened a “new investigation” of Rodriguez.

CODIS stands for the Combined DNA Index System, a national DNA database created and maintained by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. CODIS consists of information from local DNA Index Systems, state DNA Index Systems and the national DNA Index System which allows police agencies to compare DNA information with one another.

In Rodriguez’s case, a DNA sample taken in connection with the Feb, 23 attack on a Falls woman in his 10th Street home has matched a DNA sample in the database that was recovered from an unknown suspect in the 2014 rape.

Investigators charge that Rodriguez held a 28-year-old victim against her will at his home and raped her in his bedroom. When the woman tried to escape, through a back door, detectives say Rodriguez stabbed her multiple times in the face, back and side.

He then left her in the basement of the home.

Investigators said the woman found a ladder in the basement, was able to prop it against a window sill and broke the glass in the window. She then climbed trough the broken window to escape.

Once she was out of the basement, the victim was able to walk to Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center, which is just across the street from Rodriguez’s home. She collapsed in the lobby of the medical center’s emergency room and police were called.

“I am convinced that if this crime had taken place at any other location in the city, this victim would have died,” Falls Police Criminal Investigation Division Detective Capt. Kelly Rizzo said shortly after Rodriguez’s arrest.

Rodriguez is currently charged with first-degree assault, first-degree rape, first-degree criminal sexual act and second-degree kidnapping. in connection with the incident at his home.

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