Action! 'A Quiet Place 2' to film movie scenes in NT


This baseball field on Stenzil Street in North Tonawanda has been selected as a filming location for the production of “A Quiet Place 2.” NT has become the latest Western New York location to be incorporated in the film, with scenes shot earlier this year in both Olcott and Akron.

NORTH TONAWANDA — The Common Council has approved an agreement with Paramount Pictures to bring filming of “A Quiet Place 2” to Stenzil Street. 

The council voted unanimously to allow the cast and crew to use the the Stenzil Street Baseball Field to shoot scenes for the film. Shooting will take place between Sept. 3 and Sept. 13 at 183 Stenzil St. 

City officials were enthusiastic about Paramount Pictures’ decision to pick North Tonawanda as a filming location for the movie. Alderman-at-Large Bob Pecoraro said that the city has long been working to gain recognition as a destination, and this was a step in the right direction. 

“We’re really excited,” Pecoraro said. “We’ve always told people North Tonawanda is a destination and it’s going to go international now with (Paramount Pictures) being here. So we are thrilled to be a part of that.” 

The film, a sequel to the 2018 horror hit of the same name, will star and be directed by John Krasinski of “The Office” fame. Much of the filming for the movie has taken place in Western New York over the past few months, with scenes being shot in both Olcott and Akron. 

Paramount Pictures Location Manager Joe Mullaney, who was on hand at Tuesday’s meeting, said residents who live adjacent to the filming site will be contacted by Paramount to arrange deals to accommodate any of the crew’s needs that might require access to nearby properties. This could include running cables through yards or storing equipment or set dressings, he said. 

When asked what attracted Paramount Pictures to North Tonawanda, Mullaney said there wasn’t much that he was able to disclose, but said the city had the look they wanted. 

“I think aesthetically it works for what we’re looking for,” he said.

Now that the main agreement has been approved, the only remaining negotiations would involve any required agreements for other services, like use of the city’s fire, police or public works departments, which would be worked out as the matter moves forward.

“We are glad to have you here,” said Council President Eric Zadzilka at the close of Tuesday’s meeting. “Let’s make it so successful that there’s ‘A Quiet Place’ 4, 5 and 6.”

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