B&D Bagels in the Lockview Plaza could mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people in the years to come. Maybe it serves as a quiet place to get the morning started in Lockport or a quick pick-up counter for breakfast or lunch. It might be a go-to spot before heading to the Flight of Five for a tour or pop up next door for a couple albums at the local record shop.

For Franklin Rezarch, it’ll always stand for what has changed his life and brought him to Lockport.

“My daughter’s name is MayBelle, and her nickname is ‘B’ because in the spelling we use a capital ‘B’,” Rezarch said. “A lot of people just call her B. And when she was little she couldn’t say ‘Daddy’ so she’d always call me ‘D.’ “

Rezarch has made Lockport his home after coming to the area to be close to his daughter a year and a half ago. Prior to that, he was living in Denver where he was making it as a professional musician. Rezarch said he’s lived on the West Coast his entire life and in the past five years the places he knew and loved have become very crowded and very rapid. He said he likes the pace of Lockport.

“I like the slower pace of life out here, not in a negative way, in a positive way,” he said. “I’ve never experienced a place that has such nice summers. I love the summers here!”

The 37-year old musician said he used to come on tour through Lockport in the Barrel House String Band.

“We played blue grass,” he said. “I play mandolin and doughbro (resonating guitar). I teach over at the Lockport music center.”

Rezarch said that his daughter was born and he moved to the area for good, and after that, a very natural transition took place where he started to meet people and opportunities came his way.

“You know how they say that when things are supposed to happen, the doors start opening?” he said. “That’s how I got here. If a door opens, to at least entertain the idea of going through it, if I ask the question ‘A’ and I get ‘B’ I have to keep progressing.”

Rezarch said he’d considered opening a spot in Newfane a year ago, then decided he’d rather be in Lockport. He saw another potential business location across town, so he called about it, but was told it wasn’t for him …  but that they knew of one that was.

“First place I even looked at,” Rezarch said, slapping the table. “That’s who just sent the flowers, the owner of the entire place (Lockview Plaza). She was so kind.”

Brass tacks: all bagels are boiled, baked and proofed on location. The dough is special. It comes all the way from Manhattan and they only deliver as far as Buffalo.

“They make the dough for all the bagel shops in New York City,” Rezarch explained. “It was a little a stretch to get them to deliver up to us, but they have a trucking company and we’re the only ones in Western New York that have this dough company working with us. The big deal is the spring-filled reservoirs that feed New York City, what it does with the water. People get really excited by the water they use to make the dough. It’s a big deal.”

In the end, though, B&D will continue to have adventures in Lockport, and that’s Rezarch’s whole world.

“We always talk about the adventures of B&D. Like, ‘B&D are doing this today,’ and ‘B&D are doing that,’ so, B&D are opening a bagel shop,” Rezarch said. “She is the boss. She lets everyone know that she’s running the ship.”

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