• INVESTIGATION: Niagara County Sheriff’s deputies were called to Krull Park around 1 p.m. on July 3 for a report of a suspicious male taking photos and videos of a worker in the park. A responding deputy said he found the suspicious male near the RC air field but the 65-year-old Burt man was uncooperative. He refused to give his name or provide any information, stating he wasn’t breaking any laws. The Burt man said he was taking pictures of the parks worker because he was his boss and the man wasn’t working hard enough. When questioned further, it was determined the Burt man wasn’t actually a supervisor but was the parks worker’s “boss” because he pays taxes. The parks worker said he had been dumping brush and was taking a break from the afternoon’s high heat when he noticed the Burt man taking photos of him and became uncomfortable. The worker said he tried to call other park employees to the scene but none were available and he then called police. The deputy said he asked the suspicious Burt man to leave but he refused, again stating he hadn’t broken any laws and police couldn’t make him leave a public park. The deputy said after several minutes, the Burt man drove off. Deputies later determined his identity.

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