A new business is saying hello to East Avenue after it opened up this past week. 

Bonjour Crepes, 41 East Ave., is the latest restaurant to call Lockport home. The restaurant sells both savory crepes and sweet crepes, with the option to create your own crepes as well. 

They also use a locally roasted coffee called TrueBean Coffee. 

Co-owners Jason and Katie Mussachio grew up in Amherst and lived in Florida before moving to Lockport. They said they fell in love with Lockport after participating in events at the Kenan Center. 

"We fell in love with Lockport before we got to move here," Jason said. 

"We wanted to open this business to be even more a part of the community," Katie said. 

Katie said crepes are "accessible but a little different."

Jason said people know what crepes are, but they are something different than the traditional lunch or dinner items we're are used to. 

"Lockport is really a lot more metropolitan than you would think. It is down to earth as well, and that's where crepes fit in. Where it is a little bit more different. It might be something you think of in a metropolitan area but it is totally accessible," he added. 

The reception so far has been "amazing," according to Jason, adding that word of mouth of the business has really helped attract customers. 

There has been a mix of all different ages and types of people checking out the restaurant, he noted.

They have actually wanted to open a business in Lockport since 2017, but they waited until they found the current space they are because they feel it's a perfect location. 

Currently the business is only open for lunch and dinners on Monday through Fridays and for breakfast and lunch on Saturday. 

For more information, check out bonjour-crepes.com

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