With a recent town board vote, members of the Cambria Town Board rebuked proposed state regulations that would take away any local control over large-scale solar or wind projects. 

On Feb. 21, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo proposed a budget amendment called the "Accelerated Renewable Energy Growth and Community Benefit Act" or Article 23 that would greatly limit the role of local zoning laws to help speed up industrial wind and solar energy projects. This is an effort to meet the renewable energy goals the governor set for 2030. 

A resolution passed at Thursday's town board meeting declares Cambria as a "Local Control Town." 

"Should the Article 23 Amendment become law ... the Town of Cambria will not provide any local resources or cooperation towards approval, administration, and/or enforcement of any permits issued pursuant to Article 23," the resolution reads, adding that Cambria will continue to enforce all local laws applicable to any project siting within the Town of Cambria. 

A proposed 900-acre solar project for Cambria and Pendleton called the Bear Ridge Solar Project has been fought by residents and many local government agencies. The project, which is currently governed under Article 10 of the state's public service law, still does not have a representative from Cambria on the state board in charge of deciding the project. 

Cambria Town Supervisor Wright Ellis said on Friday that stipulations are still ongoing with the parties.

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