The city will begin to make some repairs and upgrades to its security system after the Common Council approved a budget transfer to allocate money for these changes. 

The Common Council approved for $10,500 to be transferred for the security equipment. 

Interim Police Chief Steven Preisch had recommended the city replace some of its older security cameras around city hall after a Jan. 19 incident involving a consultant working after hours. The incident showed that three cameras on the second floor of city hall were not connected to the communications room of the police department. 

The money allocated will pay for a credentialing system for employees and contractors and fixing some cameras that do not function properly. 

Preisch noted he believes building security should be something that's evaluated yearly. 

On Jan. 19, police noticed a light to the treasurer's office where they found a man identified as Roger Salmons about 12:30 a.m.

In Officer Aric Morgan's statement, he says that three security cameras outside of the treasurers office were no longer connecting to the "center TV monitor in the communications room."

Preisch said that the cameras near the treasurer's officer do not work anymore because they are old. He added that retired police detective Steven Abbott, who now does IT work for the city, told him that some of the cameras in the building pre-date 1994.

In February, Preisch recommended that the city adopt a hybrid system of cameras, where when the older cameras fail they can replace them with newer ones.

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