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The City of Lockport passed its 2022 budget successfully with only one dissenting vote by 5th Ward Alderman Rick Abbott, who is finishing his service with the Common Council to serve as Niagara County legislator for District 13.

The property tax rate was raised by 1%, increasing the rate of $18.674 per $1,000 of assessed property value to $18.86 per $1,000 of assessed property value. That is a difference of approximately $15 for a property assessed at $81,000, the average property value in the City of Lockport.

Sewer and water rates were raised by 3% each. Finance Director Tim Russo said one of the reasons for the hikes were new contracts with CSEA and AFSCME workers which dictated a cost of living adjustment to their wages.

“That’s an increase of costs each year,” Russo said. “Other unions, of course, have those built into their contracts, as well. So, that’s something we can expect to happen each year for all our funds. And then there’s natural inflation which has been bigger this year.”

Sewer rates will be $2.55 per 100-cubic feet, as well as, an additional $16.63 per month service charge. Water rates will be $15.54 each month, plus $3.86 per 100-cubic feet for the first 50,000-cubic feet, $361 per 100-cubic feet for the next 100,000-cubic feet and $3.30 for over 150,000-cubic feet.

Refuse is also raised by 10% as per a contact with Modern Disposal Services, but the bill will depend on the size of refuse carts. A 35-gallon cart will cost $149.05 a year, a 64-gallon cart is $178.20 per year, a 96-gallon cart is $204.05 per year, two 35-gallon cars for double families only will cost $183.70 per year, and two 64-gallon carts for double families will be $228.80. Two 96-gallon refuse carts will be $269.50, for three it will be $324.50, and for four, $379.50.

Mayor Michelle Roman said prior to the meeting that she was satisfied as possible with how the budget turned out.

“I’m glad they figured out a way to do it without cutting out things,” she said. “It’s as good as it can be. It’s a compromise.”

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