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It's not just Arctic foxes on the agenda for the Common Council. It's also being asked to approve a special use permit for a Sunnyside Street family to keep the six chickens they own. 

A public hearing was held on Wednesday to solicit input on the proposal from residents. 

Annette Anderson said she cannot eat eggs from stores because of her allergies and that as a result her daughter, Maya, decided to raise chicken so she could make eggs for Anderson to be able to eat. 

"Because of my allergies she decided to look into it herself," Anderson said. 

Anderson pointed out that there are many benefits to them having the chickens. They are therapeutic she contends because they have a "calming effect."

Anderson added that they are also educational because Maya has learned how to raise them from birth to death. 

The chickens are well received by the neighbors, Anderson said, noting that neighbors come to see them all the time. 

They can also help cut down on food waste because the chickens can eat food scraps. 

As a result of the chickens, Maya has been able to "break out of her shell," Anderson added. 

The chickens also eat mosquitos near the home, which is very helpful because they are both allergic to mosquitos.

Several residents vouched for the family to keep their chickens. 

Amanda Demarco, a Sunnyside Street resident, said the chickens have not bothered any of her family while they've had them. 

Russell Bruning, a Trowbridge Street resident, said chickens are really "not that hard to keep up on." 

The council is expected to vote on the matter — as well as a special permit for another Sunnyside Street homeowner who owns an Arctic fox— at a future meeting.