Deputies take to YouTube

Contributed photoNiagara County Sheriff's Deputy Joe Casale reads "Fox in Socks" on the sheriff's office's YouTube channel.

Niagara County Sheriff’s Deputy Joe Casale smiles into the camera, and in a slightly gravely voice says, “Hi. I’m Joe Casale. I work for the Niagara County Sheriff’s Office. I do road patrol.”

Then, with the cover of the Dr. Seuss book “Fox in Socks” displayed to his right, he tells YouTube viewers, “I’ll be reading ‘Fox in Socks.’ “

Smiling and flipping though the pages of the book, Casale is one of more than half a dozen deputies and staff from the sheriff’s office who volunteered to try to reconnect with the community during the coronavirus outbreak.

“We are very involved in the community and in the schools and we had a lot of things planned, but with everything going on with coronavirus we thought what can we do to stay connected,” Acting Sheriff Michael Filicetti said.

Members of the office’s Community Services Unit and others on the sheriff’s staff suggested using the agency’s YouTube channel to reach out to kids, who might be home and bored, by reading popular story books. 

“Connecting with children is something we all look forward to, and this is one way we can still continue those efforts” Filicetti said. “I’m big on staying in touch with the community.”

So big, in fact, the Filicetti said he’s already done his first recorded book reading. He thinks it will be posted later today.

“We’ll have some more (book readings) tomorrow,” the acting sheriff said. “And stay tuned (to the YouTube channel), I think we’ll have some more stuff coming out.”

You can visit the “Niagara Sheriff” YouTube page by going to The videos will also be uploaded to the sheriff’s Facebook page and other social media.

“My biggest concern is making sure our employees are safe and healthy and I want the community to be safe and healthy,” Filicetti said. “Hopefully people enjoy this and I think it’s good for out staff and keeps them involved.”

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