The preliminary design of the proposed Bear Ridge Solar Project will be presented in two public sessions Wednesday at the Cambria Volunteer Fire Company hall, 4631 Cambria-Wilson Road.

The sessions are scheduled from 4 to 6 p.m. and 7 to 9 p.m.

Alongside showing the draft design of the 100 megawatt solar generation facility, construction of which would cover acreage in the towns of Cambria and Pendleton, the developer's agents will disclose the contents of the Preliminary Scoping Statement for Bear Ridge and provide information on how members of the public can comment on the statement.

The scoping statement, a requirement of the state's "Article 10" environmental review process, is to be submitted to the state Department of Public Service on or about Friday. Once filed, the scoping statement will be viewable online at and through the state DPS website.

“The Bear Ridge team is committed to building strong relationships with the host communities of Cambria, Pendleton and Lockport as we continue to develop this project. We want to provide opportunities for members of the community to stay up to date on the project, receive their input, and continue to involve them as we move forward in the Article 10 process,” co-project developer Marisa Scavo said.

Sign-up for email notification of project meetings will be available at the public sessions, along with opportunities to express interest in participating in advisory working groups, which will be scheduled soon. Advisory working groups will provide an opportunity for residents to meet in small groups with project experts to discuss topical concerns. Additional information about the working groups will be posted at .

Cypress Creek Renewables says the Bear Ridge Solar Project would generate about 100 mW or enough electricity to power an estimated 25,000 homes.

The company has said it would lease 900 acres of private land throughout a 5,000-acre project area in southern Cambria and a portion of northern Pendleton, and install solar panels mounted in rows on racking systems up to 12 feet high. The panels would be visible from areas up to 1-1/2 miles distant, including from sites on Bear Ridge Road and IDA Park Drive in Lockport.

Power would be fed into National Grid's existing Mountain-Lockport 115 kV transmission line; no new lines would be needed, the company said.