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Niagara County Sheriff's Office

Two Erie County residents were arrested last week in Niagara County after a scam gone wrong resulted in their capture.

Michael Ronghi, 21, of Buffalo, and Todd Beyer, 20, of Cheektowaga, are accused of contacting two Town of Royalton individual residents who were selling their respective dirt bikes online, then stealing the vehicles without paying.

The tactic used by the two involved one of the men walking to the seller’s home and asking if he could test-ride the bike having already contacted the seller online with a fake account name. Once on the bike, he drove to where the other was waiting with a U-Hall truck.

According to Acting Sheriff Michael Filicetti, one of the victims of the scam followed the U-Haul long enough for the two to be stopped on Wolcottsville Road by sheriff's deputies. Ronghi and Beyer were each charged with grand larceny.

The two suspects are also being investigated for similar crimes within Niagara County, but were released on their own recognizance.

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