Dog stabbed during domestic incident

Photo contributed by the Niagara Falls policeNiagara Falls police say this dog, named Two Socks, was stabbed in the neck during a domestic violence incident in the city on Wednesday. 

Falls police have charged a woman, who was involved in a domestic violence incident, with seriously stabbing her boyfriend’s dog.

Officers charged Christine Leighton, 54, of 2675 Whirlpool St., with a single count of aggravated animal cruelty, an E felony.

Police responded, at around 2:30 p.m. Wednesday, to a 911 call from the dog’s owner. The man told police dispatchers that his girlfriend had stabbed his dog. 

Animal Control Officer Dave Bower said that when he and Officer Ryan Adams arrived at the home they found the dog, a 1-year-old female hound mix named Two Socks, lying in the living room, covered in blood.

“When we entered the house, we saw the suspect sitting on a stool in a mudroom that led inside, and she said, ‘I hate that (expletive) dog,’” Bower said.

Bower said the dog’s owner told him that Leighton was “Ok with the dog” when it was a puppy. But as the dog got older, the owner said he began training it as a hunting dog. 

“He said he spent a lot of time with the dog and the girlfriend got upset,” Bower said. “She repeatedly told him she hated the dog.”

On Wednesday, the dog’s owner told police he went to work and, a short time later, his girlfriend called him and told him she had stabbed the dog and that he had “better come home.”

The dog suffered a 3-inch cut to the left side of her neck. She was rushed to the SPCA of Niagara’s Lockport Road shelter and underwent emergency surgery. 

Bower said Two Socks is expected to recover from her injuries.

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