A city man with a history of impaired driving is headed to state prison for injuring a couple in an Oct. 26, 2018 crash in Lockport.

David F. Garlock, 40, of Market Street, was driving under the influence of Suboxone, a prescribed opioid used for treating addictions, when he ran a red light at Walnut and Locust streets and hit another car head-on. The other driver, Richard Dunn, 61, of Amherst, suffered back injuries, and his passenger, Crystal Biermann, suffered minor injuries.

Dunn said in Niagara County Supreme Court Wednesday that since the crash, he has had intense pain, lost his long-time job at Tops Markets and has been unable to partake in everyday activities, such as picking up his grandkids or putting on his shoes without help.

Justice Richard C. Kloch Sr. said probation officers found Garlock has 12 prior arrests, including six for driving under the influence. Probation officers suggested Garlock had previously avoided a felony conviction because he had acted as a confidential informant, and raised concerns that "the system empowers" Garlock to continue committing crimes, according to Kloch.

Garlock said he previously drove under the influence because he was addicted to opioids, and has been in recovery since September 2017. 

"I've been trying to hold myself accountable now that I'm sober," Garlock said.

Defense attorney Michael White said Garlock only accepted a plea offer March 26 to second-degree vehicular assault because of the victims and their injuries.

Still, Garlock acknowledged he "shouldn't have been driving" on his prescription Suboxone.

Kloch said Garlock was so unresponsive after the crash, first responders had to use the opioid antidote Narcan on him. 

Kloch sentenced Garlock to an indeterminate 1 1/3 to four years in state prison.