A Falls Police officer shot and killed a dog in the 600 block of 17th Street Tuesday night.

The dog had attacked one man and confronted other neighbors before charging at the officer who shot him.

A 59-year-old man told police that he was walking in the area at 7:01 p.m. when he saw what he described as a “husky/shepard mix” breed dog running on the opposite side of the street. The man said the dog crossed the street and began running at him.

The victim said he attempted to slow the animal down by putting up his arm, but the unleashed dog jumped up and bit him on the left bicep. The man said the force of the dog’s attack knocked him to the ground, causing additional injuries to his right arm.

As the man wrestled with the dog, he was able to break free and call police.

Officers said the victim suffered “several large puncture wounds on his left bicep.” They said the victim’s sleeve was covered in blood and he had “a meaty substance protruding from the back of his arm near the tricep.”

As police were continuing their investigation, officers said neighbors, about half a block away, began yelling that the dog had returned and may have attacked another person. Officers said they urged neighbors to get inside their homes and ran further down the street.

Police said they spotted a man and a child on top of a Jeep SUV in the rear of 617 17th Street. 

“Both parties were screaming frantically that the dog was in their backyard and to ‘Watch out’,” Officer Travis Maggard wrote in his report on the incident. 

Maggard said as he walked down the south side of the house, he spotted the dog and it began to walk toward him. 

“I slowly walked back and gave the dog several verbal commands to sit, stop, lay down and heal,” Maggard wrote. “The dog at this time opened its mouth, aggressively growled and exposed its teeth in a very confrontational manner.”

The officer said the dog then charged at him. Backing up, Maggard said he drew his handgun and fired five shots, all of which hit the animal.

The dog fell dead several feet in front of the officer.

After the shooting, the dog’s owner arrived on the scene. Police said he told them the dog had been aggressive “in the past,” but that he had been “trying to work on the dog’s behavior.”

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