Property owners in the city have several options for paying their 2021 tax bills, according to city Treasurer Sue Mawhiney.

In the midst of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Mawhiney told the Common Council on Wednesday that taxpayers can go online, make tax payments through their bank, place their payment in the drop vault outside city hall or mail it in.

“The night drop outside the building goes into a secure vault. The only people who have a combination are myself and one of my co-workers and we check it every morning by 8:30. We will give you credit for the day before,” Mawhiney said.

“If you mail it to us, we only use validated postmarks. So as long as it's postmarked by the due date, you will get credit for that.”

To pay a property tax bill online, for those with automated bill payment plans set up through their banks, Mawhiney said property owners can set that up by inputting the necessary information, including the proper account number. The bank would then send the city a check.

Mawhiney encouraged anyone with questions on how to pay their tax bills to call her office at 439-6744.

“Leave your name, phone number, property address and the information you're looking for,” Mawhiney said.

Meanwhile, the council heard that about $50,000 in leftover bond funds from recently-completed water line and water pump repair projects will be used to offset the estimated $73,000 cost to repair another pump this year.

The main water pump at the city's Water Filtration Plant was recently repaired by Moley Magnetics and has since been put back into operation.

The estimated cost to replace the existing pump is $150,000, so the repair option at about half that cost was good news to the ears of elected officials.

Mayor Michelle Roman said about $50,000 is left from bond money used to cover the repairs to Pump No. 1 and can be used for the repairs to Pump No. 3. The additional $20,000 needed for the next project would come out of capital funds.

“We have, for 2021, for both our water and wastewater, a capital fund of $125,000 that we put in place for these types of projects,” Roman said.

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