Frantic mother finds a miracle on the I-190

Susan Rosanski comforts Kasper in a hospital bed. (Contributed photo) 

Susan Rosanski of Ransomville had a miracle happen two weeks ago Wednesday.

It started on Wednesday, April 21 when her son Kasper, 2, was his usual happy, silly, self with no signs or indicators of being sick when a fever spiked and Rosanski headed to Immediate Care on the advice of her pediatrician. Kasper lost consciousness in the the car and turned blue.

It ended with a safe recovery thanks to Ryan Suitor of Ransomville seeing a panicked mom, intervening and rushing Kasper to Mount St. Mary's Hospital.

“I was on my way home from work when I saw a car backing up with four-way flashers on on the 190. A woman stopped, pulled her son out and was frantic, screaming,” Suitor said. “I saw her son was blue. He was blue. She was screaming, ‘Oh my god, help me.’ ”

Suitor put baby and mother in his car, got off the I-190, cut through Our Lady of Peace blasting over a couple speed bumps while hastening to arrive to the hospital.

A nurse came out, took Kasper. Treatment, and breathing resumed. Today, he’s home healthy and happy.

When things calmed, Rosanski said she realized she and her husband, Greg Kent, knew Suitor from high school as well as soccer. Suitor is a student counselor at Orleans Niagara BOCES.

“Suitor, went back and got my car keys and phone,” Rosanski said. “I was so relieved that this man was kind enough to help me. Basically a random stranger with no mask on. He was warm and strong and I felt his strength.

“I'm forever grateful and I can't imagine what might have happened if that man wasn't there or that nurse wasn't there the people made.”

The rescue was preceded by a rapid decline for Kasper and instructions from a pediatrician to take him to urgent care. Rosanski didn’t believe the reading on any of her three thermometers.

Rosanski said Kasper’s fever peaked at 105 degrees the pediatrician now believes the illness was a bad case of rosacea.

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