Graestone Manor, a bed-and-breakfast in Gasport operated by Robert and Heather Mattison, is featured in an episode of the Travel Channel series "Most Terrifying Places" that debuted Tuesday.

GASPORT — A bed-and-breakfast was featured on the Travel Channel series "Most Terrifying Places" Tuesday.

Robert and Heather Mattison have experienced paranormal activity in Graestone Manor ever since they purchased the house on Root Road in 2017. The Mattisons began undertaking paranormal investigations.

Eventually, "through doing those investigations the Travel Channel got wind" of the bed-and-breakfast, Robert Mattison said, and a crew was sent to shoot an episode in June. 

"It was great," Mattison said about working with the crew. "We enjoyed having those folks out here. They were very professional and very nice people." 

According to Graestone Manor's website, Travel Channel employed actors to portray the original owner, Curtis Root, and the second owner, Mina Roszman.

Curtis Root built Graestone Manor in 1865. He and his wife, Melissa, resided there until they died. Root bred horses and had a horse race track, "Root Trotting Park" in the yard.

Since the announcement of the Most Terrifying Places episode, Graestone Manor's bed-and-breakfast business has "ramped up really good," Mattison said.

For a room-by-room rundown of reported paranormal activity at the inn, check out .

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