Gasport's Our Farm welcomes local vendors

Connor Hoffman/StaffTammy Roy, Holleigh Utley, Dody Walter, Maggie Benke and Billy Benke pose for a photo in the Our Farm shop in Gasport.

Our Farm, a Gasport-based business, has expanded a shop on their property which now offers a wide variety of different items and vendors. 

The business is located at 7610 Ridge Road and offers activities like hayrides and hidden hollow experiences.

One business they have added to their shop is Holleigh's Naturals, LLC, which is operated by Holleigh Utley. 

The business offers all-natural items such as soaps, essential oils, healing bombs and deodorant. 

Utley believes that natural soap versus the "stuff that we get from Walmart" is a "massive difference."

"I mean all the synthetics and chemicals that they put in the stuff that we get from Walmart," Utley said, "on a health and wellness basis, it's astounding the difference between the two."

Another one of the new businesses is owned by Tammy Roy. She is selling multicultural books that tell good stories for children, and are mostly fiction. 

Roy said since she is now sometimes offering story time and different arts and crafts to go along with the story time. She is looking to do another one in the fall. 

Dody Walter also has her artwork offered in the store. 

The shop also offers woodwork that Our Farm Owner/Operator Billy Benke has done.

Our Farm also has some new experiences that it will be able to offer to visitors soon. Benke has an RV camper that will be soon ready to offer glamour camping or "glamping" as it's commonly referred to as. He also plans to start offering cross county skiing on the property as well. 

They all are enjoying the new experience. 

Utley said it's been a fun time for her. Walter likes that everyone gets along. Roy thinks it's a good opportunity for her. 

"This is helping everybody that's involved. We're getting exposure during the summer time which we've never had," Benke said. "So they're helping us and we're helping them."

For more information, please go to or contact 772-2697.