The Town of Hartland is looking to change over to 95-gallon garbage carts.

A survey was given in Hartland to see if residents were happy with the town's current recycling carts in order to make a decision to go forward with refuse garbage carts.

“If people are happy with the recycling system, we would implement larger carts for the garbage portion of the town's refuse,” said Supervisor Ross Annable.

So far, feedback on switching to the garbage carts has been split.

Some residents have said that they don't mind taking garbage bags out, according to Annable. “They just throw it in the back of their car or truck and drive it to the road.”

There are concerns about the size and having to have two containers out by the road.

“Some people want one and others don't,” Annable said. “But it also comes down to the fact that people don't want to change. They are stuck in their ways.”

The idea to change to garbage carts came up shortly after the town of Hartland signed into a new contract in January of 2014. This new contract resulted in a $120,000 savings over a span of two years.

Changing from the small, topless recycling totes to the large recycling carts created a lot of positive effects, including the decrease of recyclables blowing away, easy handling and the increase of items being recycled, Annable said.

“It encourages people to put more recycling in, because once your tote was filled everybody would continue to use their garbage to get rid of recyclables,” Supervisor Ross Annable said. “So the principle behind it is that more people will (recycle) because they have a larger container and we have seen that reduction in garbage and an increase in what people are recycling.”

With the change to recycling carts, Hartland has been putting less in the landfill. That has resulted in a reduction of tipping fees and has saved the town an estimate of $40,000 each year since switching to the carts.

Although switching to garbage carts will not give the town as much savings as the recycling has, it will give the town a cart-based system, making it easier for people, Annable said.

Currently, Hartland is in their second year of a three-year contract for the recycling carts making the change to garbage carts to be scheduled within a year depending on the response of residents through the survey.

The 95-gallon carts will cost anywhere from $45 to $75 dollars and will be paid for by existing budget funds.

“The carts are paid by taxpayer dollars, but there will not have to be an increase for them to have to pay for those carts,” Annable said. “There will be no cost to the taxpayers, it's not like they have to go out and buy their own $75 cart, it's just part of the recycling program.”

Hartland is currently in the process of obtaining a grant given by the state through the DEC that will reimburse the town for half of the cost of the carts. The other half will be covered by the savings received through the new recycling system contract.

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