Lockport council sets Halloween hours

Trick or treating hours in Lockport have been designated as 4 to 7 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 31.

The Lockport Common Council discussed the city's plans for Halloween during Wednesday's Committee of the Whole work session.

Alderwoman Ellen Schratz said the city's events committee met and discussed the day and has decided to recommend against hosting any Halloween “events” due the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the social distancing guidelines that go along with it.

“The events committee met and we had a lot of ideas for Halloween, but the more we thought about it, with all the CDC guidelines we decided that, at events, it would be too difficult to maintain social distancing and to adhere to all the COVID protocols,” Schratz said.

“Following the governor's recommendations, we're going to allow people to have their own personal responsibility and go trick or treating on Halloween. If people want to open up their doors to trick or treaters they can. So leave your lights on if you want kids to come to your house and turn them off if you don't.”

The 4-to-7, three-hour time span announced for trick-or-treaters is the same hours the city has used for the past several years.

Alderman Rick Abbott mentioned that there was a woman in his ward who was interested in handing out school supplies in a designated location out in her neighborhood, while following social distancing guidelines. The council may pass a separate resolution allowing this request.

On another matter, the council discussed a resolution they will vote on next week regarding emergency repairs at the city's water plant on Summit Street.

Moley Magnetics at 5202 Commerce Drive in the Town of Lockport will be contracted by the city to repair the damaged main water distribution pump that’s buried about 25 feet under the ground.

The city’s engineering consultant, Mike Marino of Nussbaumer & Clark Engineering, told the council that Water Filtration Plant Chief Operator Dennis McNamara recommended Moley for the job, citing a positive past working experience with them on plant pumps previously, officials said.  

The contracted cost of the repairs, so far, is $78,283, but Marino cautioned the council that the full extent of the damage to the pump won't be known until it's successfully pulled up from the ground in the coming days. A complete repair of the pump could cost even more, he said.

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