A Lockport woman is opening up a store today to help ensure economically distressed children are better able to develop a love for reading.  

Holly Edwards, the owner of Busy Bee Bookstore, will be holding the grand opening ceremony today for her store, which is located at 209 Washburn St. 

Edwards, a mother of three, said she became interested in opening up a bookstore after coordinating literary events at Roy B. Kelley Elementary School last year. She also obtained motivation for opening a business after hearing her friend, Loretta DiCarlo, decided to follow her dream and open up a gym for children. 

Busy Bee Bookstore sells “overstock books” that are more geared toward infants to 10 year olds.  

“Retailers overstock books ... and the publishers resell them at a reduced price,” Edwards explained. “It’s just really important the books are affordable for the kids in the neighborhood.” 

During her literary events, she saw a statistic that claimed 1 in 300 children in low income areas have access to books at home. 

“That was just very shocking and surprising to see,” Edwards said. 

Edwards believes the reduced prices will help her business succeed in an age of increased digitalization of books. 

“I’m hoping because the prices are lower that we’ll still be able to make sales,” Edwards said. 

For more information, check out busybeebookstore.com

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