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Most convicted felons ask for lenient sentences, but Justin Jenkins, of Tonawanda, asked for 17 years in prison for holding up a half a dozen gas stations between Feb. 23 and March 13.

In another unusual turn, State Supreme Court Justice Richard C. Kloch, Sr. gave Justin Jenkins, 46, less prison-time than he asked for, sentencing him on Thursday to 15 years in prison.

Justin Jenkins did not appear bothered by the sentence either.

"(The victims) look at the world differently now because of me," Jenkins said. "I deserve every single day of it."

Justin Jenkins and his wife, Heather Jenkins held up six gas stations in Wheatfield, the town of Niagara and North Tonawanda, and at least another three in Amherst and the Town of Tonawanda before their arrest March 13.

Heather Jenkins, 46, of Town of Tonawanda, acted as the getaway driver while Justin Jenkins held up the gas stations with a fake gun. Defense attorney Joseph Scalzo said in court Thursday Justin Jenkins displayed a pellet gun and duct taped toy handgun in the robberies.

Justin Jenkins pleaded guilty May 30 in Erie County to six counts of second-degree robbery. Four days later, he pleaded guilty in Niagara County to two counts of second degree robbery and two counts of first-degree robbery. 

Heather Jenkins pleaded guilty to one count of attempted second-degree robbery June 6 in Niagara County and to three counts of third-degree robbery Aug. 7 in Erie County. She faces up to seven years in prison on the robbery charges in Niagara County and up to 21 years on the charges in Erie County.

Justin Jenkins could get 45 years added to his prison-term for his robbery convictions in Erie County. However, Scalzo said State Supreme Court Justice John L. Michalski had agreed to allow Justin Jenkins to serve those sentences concurrently with Kloch's sentence.

Justin Jenkins has a long criminal history, having served two terms in state prison for thefts. He was sent to prison for two to four years in November 2004 for third-degree burglary and attempted second-degree forgery. 

In August 2009, he was sent to prison for nine years for a first-degree robbery, and was released on parole Nov. 9, 2016. Both those offenses were committed in Erie County.

Justin Jenkins faces another two years in prison for violating his parole.

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