A man with an umbrella wedged at his backpack was held at gunpoint by a Niagara County Sheriff's deputy on March 31, after the sheriff's office fielded a call about two males near the county courthouse bearing backpacks and AK-47 rifles.

The call came in at 8:58 a.m. and indication was one of the males had on a backpack and what appeared to be a black rifle with its barrel down.

After blocking traffic in the area, a deputy stopped a man in front of Walgreens, North Transit Street, at gunpoint, and ordered him to look away and put both hands in the air. The man touched the black object on his back several times and did not immediately comply with commands, the deputy noted.

Then, according to the incident report, someone in the background said aloud that the object was an umbrella. Upon verifying that, the deputy searched the man's backpack and found no items of concern. The man was released.


The report noted the man said that was the second time his umbrella had been mistaken for a rifle this year.

The second male referenced in the complaint call was not found, the report noted.



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