Members of the Gasport Lions Club hope that the mitten trees in Gasport and Middleport are barren by Dec. 6.

If the mittens all disappear, that would mean enough community members volunteered to buy presents for over 130 children in need, whose present requests are listed on the mittens.

"Our community is very, very generous. ... Last year, all the mittens went off the trees," said Deb Hill, a Gasport lions club member. "We’re hoping that will happen again.”

For more than 20 years, the lions club has placed out a Christmas tree strung with hundreds of mittens. Each mitten contains one present request from a child in need, identified through conversations with members of the Royalton-Hartland School District, local churches and law enforcement.

The club set up the Gasport tree on Monday and a tree in Middleport on Tuesday. Dozens have already come off the trees.

"We print mittens every night. We restock the mittens right up until the last minute, in the hopes all the mittens disappear," said Dwayne Hill, a member of the lions club as well as Deb's husband.

The club is still accepting mittens to place on the tree, and will allow community-members to take the mittens until Dec. 6. 

Participants should drop off the gift, unwrapped and with the mitten attached, at drop boxes at Absolut Care or Drum Oil, or beneath the Christmas tree in the lobby of the elementary school.

The gifts will be distributed to the families at the Hartland Bible Church Dec. 13 and 14.

If the community doesn't take and return every mitten, the lions club will purchase the remaining gifts, using donations from local businesses. But members are hopeful the community will take care of those families in need.

"We depend on the community helping us to make this a good Christmas for those that are in need," Dwayne Hill said. 

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