Newfane High School investigating gun threat 

Newfane Central School District is investigating a threatening comment made by a student in the halls of Newfane High School early Friday, Superintendent Michael Baumann confirmed Friday afternoon.

The student reportedly mentioned using a gun to shoot things, Baumann said, adding that he was "not at liberty" to disclose the student's exact phrasing because the incident is also under investigation by the Niagara County Sheriff's Office.

No one was hurt at the school, Baumann said. He could not say exactly when the threat was uttered, but he was informed of the incident by high school Principal Daniel Bedette about 10 a.m.

The school was not put into lockdown because the student who allegedly uttered the threat was found immediately, Baumann said.

Bedette put a letter on the school website informing parents and students of the incident. The district sent a pre-recorded voice message and text alert to residents as well.

Bedette's letter says: "I am writing to provide you with some information regarding an incident this morning that involved a student threatening harm to Newfane High School. A student made threats while in the hallway this morning. A student who overheard the conversation reported it to school officials. The student who allegedly made the comments was immediately removed from the hallway and detained in the office for questioning. Niagara County investigators were also notified and the student’s guardian was contacted immediately. The police visited the student's home as part of their investigation. The student that made the threat is currently not in school. This incident is not connected to any prior incidents."

Regarding "prior incidents," Baumann confirmed that in late January, a student reported a threat made by another student. That incident was investigated by the sheriff's office, which didn't find any credibility to the threat, Baumann said. The student accused of making the threat denied it, he added.

"It was one of those 'he said she said' sort of things," Baumann said.

Bedette posted an online-only letter about that threat as well.

Unlike with elementary students, advisory letters are not given to high school students to give to their parents — that's impractical, according to Baumann.