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070717 Newfane Kids1 - Lockport US&J DENNIS STIERER/STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER Newfane, NY - The infamous Newfane High School roof top band, Jesse Jolley, 17, from top to bottom, Aaron Brown, 18, Paul Giazzon,17, and Chris Florio, 18, known as The Heads band celebrate after their court appearance Tuesday afternoon. All charges will be dropped, if they stay out of trouble for the next 6 months.

Four recent Newfane graduates whose senior prank resulted in criminal charges are looking forward to a relaxing summer now that the charges against them have been adjourned.

The four members of The Heads — Aaron Brown and Christopher Florio, both 18, and Paul Giazzon and Jesse Jolley, both 17 — were each granted an adjournment in contemplation of dismissal, which will run for six months.

If the teens stay out of trouble for the next six months, the charges will be dropped.

The boys climbed up on the roof of Newfane High School the morning of June 12, the last day of school, and played two songs for students as the buses pulled in.

They were each charged with third-degree criminal trespass, a misdemeanor.

Even though the Newfane school board voted July 10 to ask that the charges be dismissed, the teens were still pleasantly surprised by Tuesday’s outcome, which leaves them without a criminal record.

“I’m glad it’s over,” Brown said. “We’ll stay out of trouble now.”

The teens celebrated Tuesday night by practicing at Jesse’s house. Their band has gained a lot of exposure since the prank.

The band was even invited to play in front of an audience of thousands at last week’s Thursday at the Square in Buffalo, an experience Giazzon described as “almost as good as playing on the roof (at school).”

Jesse’s father, Rick Jolley, said he never expected the stunt would garner so much attention.

“This was not supposed to have this kind of publicity,” Rick said. “That wasn’t their purpose. This was their senior prank.”

Rick said he believes the story shouldn’t have been as big as it turned out to be. What made it a story, he said, was when Newfane High School Principal Steve Burley asked the sheriff’s department to press criminal charges.

Burley has said he won’t comment on issues of student discipline.

Rick said he thinks the boys’ stunt was harmless, especially when placed up against news stories of school shootings and bomb plots across the country.

“These kids just played two songs on the roof,” he said. “Let’s put some things in perspective.”

The band has some gigs lined up for the summer, including graduation parties. They’ve been practicing more seriously lately, Rick said, and have written more original songs.

They will play alongside other bands tonight at Ed’s Clam Shack on Route 18 in Wilson. They will also play the Music is Art Festival in Buffalo on Aug. 11.

“We’re playing every gig we can,” Giazzon said.

“Just jamming,” Brown said.

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