NEWFANE — The cost of refuse collection is going up after the town board voted this week to accept a new deal with Modern Disposal that requires property owners to use Modern's uniform, large refuse totes.

In 2021, the per-property annual refuse fee will be $206.59, almost $41 more than the current fee for trash and recycling collection and disposal.

In addition, property owners will have to purchase the required refuse totes from the town. The estimated charge is $50.

The board scheduled a public hearing for 6:40 p.m. Sept. 23 on the question whether the town should do a $125,000 bond issue to buy the totes.

“We knew that this year was going to be a difficult year for refuse, from what we’ve heard and seen from other towns going through (it), and we were absolutely right,” town Supervisor Tim Horanburg said.

Presently Newfane property owners are not required to use refuse totes; they can use garbage cans or set bags out to the curb. No haulers in the local market want to work with that anymore, according to Horanburg.

“The conventional way, what we know of how garbage gets picked up today, no one bid on it. Modern wouldn’t bid it," he said. "The new style is everyone is going to have to have a 96-gallon container which (the hauler) can place on their trucks.”

The new annual fee, $206.59, covers the cost of weekly trash collection, every-other-week recyclables collection and each property's share of Modern's trash disposal (landfilling) fee.

Horanburg said Waste Management’s bid for refuse collection was "substantially higher.”

Of the totes, Horanburg said "a lot of people" in the town already have one, and those who do will not be required to pay $50 for another one. Once the new program is in progress, the town will take over maintenance of all uniform totes, he added.

Newfane is a member of a refuse consortium with the neighboring towns of Cambria, Pendleton and Somerset and the villages of Barker and Middleport.

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