Residents of the Town of Newfane will be seeing their tax levy increase of roughly 11 cents per $1,000 of assessed property value on their 2021 bill. On top of this, a rise in garbage pickup costs, increasing by $49 per unit to a cost of $215 a year has caused the town to exceed the 2% tax cap for the 2021 budget.

“Because the refuse pushed us over the 2% tax cap, we introduced Local Law #3 on Oct. 18 allowing us to go over,” Supervisor Tim Horanburg said after Thursday’s Town Board meeting. “We had to introduce it 30 days before passing it, so that’s why we’re here today. I have to get the budget to the state by (Friday) tomorrow.”

The rise in refuse pickup costs to the town is $360,085, It climbs to $1,032,085 in 2021, up from $672,000 in 2020.

“If it wasn’t for refuse, we would be down $265,000,” Horanburg said during the pubic hearing for the 2021 budget. “Because of refuse we are up right around $100,000.”

The 2021 town budget is $7,809.176, an increase of $95,045 from the 2020 budget of $7,714,131. 

Horanburg said there were many cuts to budgets, including the summer recreation program by $49,000, the historical society by $2,000, drainage by $2,000, traffic control by $5,000, the newsletter by $4,000, the buildings department by $25,000 and the senior citizen account $1,500, and said the main driver toward the reduction was a lagging sales tax.

“Sales tax, so far, has taken the biggest hit,” Horanburg said.

The highway department’s budget is also down $93,000.

“We lost $45,000 worth of CHIPS money,” Horanburg said. “Jon (Miller) did the paving of the roads this year, and we got a check with a 20% loss, so we knew we had to take that $45,000 right off the bat.”

The Fire District’s tax levy went up 5 cents per $1,000 of assessed property value from $1.70 to $1.75.

The Lighting District’s tax levy also went up from $0.167 to $0.17.

Water and sewer charges remain steady at $210.85 a year for sewer and $35 a year for water. For mobile homes, the cost for water is $40 per year.

Town officers will be paid at a cost of $46,345.03 for the supervisor, $6,625.73 for each of the four members of the Town Board, $43,429.92 for the Town Clerk, $64,867.71 for the Highway Superintendent, $23,763.45 for each of two Town Justices and $9,372.96 for the Tax Collector.

All employees of the town, including elected officials received a 2% raise.

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