OLCOTT — The Olcott Beach Carousel Park opens for its 17th season this weekend. 

Rosemary Sansone, president of Olcott Beach Carousel Park, Inc., said the Carousel Park will open like normal and that the high lake levels and flooding of Lake Ontario has not impacted the business at all. 

"The lake levels are affecting the beach in Olcott, not Olcott Beach, not the business district. We're up higher, so we're dry. Everything is open," Sansone said. 

Sansone said the Carousel Park group has put new doors on the carousel and is in the process of starting to repaint all 20 carousel horses. The painting process takes about two to three months per horse, according to Sanson. 

"It's going to be a couple year, ongoing project here," she noted. 

The work is being done by an employee of the Herschell Carrousel Museum. 

Sansone said they will be having the park open from noon to 6 p.m. Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  

They hold an annual fundraiser called the "Jazz Sea" to collect funds to keep the park operating and to pay staff. The event will be held at the park on Aug. 13. Tickets cost $25 and include food. A band will be playing during the event as well. 

Sansone said this year supporters of the Carousel Park would like to turn the event into more of a "carnival atmosphere" so they will be having items such as a duck ponds with prizes and a Skee-Ball tournament. 

The park opened for the first time in 2003 and they have been offering a multitude of attractions for youth since then.  

"I come in here and think about the transformation that has come to this plot of land," and that when she started to work on it in 1999, "it was just a mess." 

Sansone says she continues to open the park because, "I just love it. It's just fun."

For more information, check out olcottbeachcarouselpark.org/index.html

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