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Newfane High School

Newfane School District officials had a good report card waiting for them when they arrived back from winter break and found more than a hundred positive marks made by parent’s rating their work.

“The response rate from the parents really did indicate that there were areas, especially in certain grade levels, that they felt we really responded well to the previous survey and things have really improved in the parent’s perception,” said Superintendent Mike Baumann.

Over 300 surveys were sent back to the district in which 50% of parents – from each grade level – filled out showing their level satisfaction with the education the district was giving their children in this unique school year. Of the respondents, 57% were satisfied or more than satisfied with the work done by the school district.

“That means, for example, in 9th grade there’s roughly a 100 students and we received responses from 50 of them,” said Peter Young, director of IT at the Newfane school district and the one spearheading the survey for the district.

The questionnaire is a follow-up of a survey done in October of the school year. In that survey 54% of parents were satisfied with the district’s work.

The surveys included seven statements in which parents were asked to rate – between one and five – their level of satisfaction in each area. There were also two multiple choice questions: one as to whether the remote and hybrid instruction: needs improvement, meets expectation, or exceeds them and another, whether the level of work assigned to their children was: too much, too little, or just right.

“We saw a nice improvement, we had about a 10% increase in parents saying, ‘Just right,’ “ Young said.

The area of greatest growth across the board, said Young, was that more parents felt their child was interacting regularly – with other children and teacher – about their learning.

“In October, we were about a three in that area,” Young said. “The jump was a half-point to 3.5.”

Young said the district also saw positive reactions from parents with children in middle school and high school regarding the hybrid/remote learning program, where less parents were filling in that their mode needed improvement.

The statements and questions included: student’s ability to complete work independently, students are aware of routines in the classroom, students are getting the support with the technology, there are opportunities to communicate with the teacher – in the classroom and independently – the kids get the right amount of independent work, they have enough time to do work, the mode of instruction enable communication with other students and teacher, they are getting appropriate feedback from the teacher, they are using different technology tools like GoogleMeet and one statement indicating the parent’s overall satisfaction rate.

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