Lockport Police are investigating three overnight burglaries reported Thursday morning on Franklin, Erie and High streets.

The burglars entered homes by opening unlocked ground floor windows and doors, according to Chief Larry Eggert. Residents were in the house but police made no mention of confrontations.

Police are seeking any information the public may have. People can call the police at 433-7700 to speak directly to a police officer or call 439-6707 and leave a message on the confidential tip line.

Two young males, one black and one white, both described as thin, under 6-foot, dressed in all black clothing and a black hat, are suspected in the High Street case.

Police are encouraging all residents to be mindful of security, by locking doors and closing and locking ground floor windows. Also, secure vehicles and don’t leave valuables in vehicles that can accessed or seen, police advised.

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