Proposed Royalton budget holds line on tax rate

Town of Royalton Supervisor Dan Bragg, shown here in this file photo, has released his proposed 2021 budget which calls for no increase in the town tax rate and no cuts in jobs or services. 

TOWN OF ROYALTON - Supervisor Daniel Bragg's proposed 2021 budget calls for no increase in the tax rate for homeowners. 

The proposed spending plan, which was presented during a special town board meeting earlier this month, calls for a tax rate of $3.93 per $1,000 of assessed property value, the same as the current year's budget. 

Bragg cautioned that while the tax rate would remain the same as the current rate, some homeowners may still see an increase in property taxes because their assessments have gone up. 

“I never say that the taxes are going down or staying level,” Bragg said. 

“Despite trying to keep the tax rate the same, they’ll still be hit with an increase,” he added. 

The tentative 2021 budget comes in at a total of $6.54 million, up slightly from $6.46 million in 2020, resulting in a $77,756 difference. The amount to be raised from taxes of the whole town is projected at $3.37 million, which is up from last year’s $3.34 million. That also includes a $15 hike for refuse and garbage pickup for each garbage unit.

Bragg said no services are being cut, staffing is not cut and the budget has grown within the state's 2% tax cap.

“Everything is going up slightly - raises, insurance, retirement - in the tentative budget,” he said. 

Bragg noted that elected officials in the town, including the supervisor and town board members, will not be given raises next year.

The supervisor anticipates fewer road projects being done in 2021 due to projected cuts in state aid. He said 20% of state funds for highway work has been cut for the last two payments by the state to the Town of Royalton.

“If you think you’re getting, let’s just say $200, and you do $200 worth of work, but only get $180 back, are you going to do $200 of work again?” he said. "No, you're going to anticipate how much work can be done with just $180."

Budget Workshops will begin at 6:30 p.m. Monday in the Town of Royalton Town Hall.

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