Starting very soon, the Town of Lockport will not receive electronic recycling credit for electronics with cathode ray tubes, which are used in the most common and sometimes older types of TVs and computers.

Councilman Paul W. Siejak said Regional Computer Recycling & Recovery, the Victor-based firm in charge of the town’s electronic recycling, has notified the town changes could be coming.

The glass that contains CRTs is a huge cost for Regional Computer to recycle, Siejak said. CRTs have dropped considerably in popularity with the rise of newer-type of televisions, such as plasma and LCD. There are also health and environmental concerns with CRTs.

And the time may come when Regional Computer won’t collect the CRT items.

”It’s very likely in the near future they may not collect those CRT devices at all,” Siejak said.

It’s an industry-wide issue, as there’s no market for the CRTs, Supervisor Marc R. Smith said. The tubes are usually found in older, heavier TVs and computer screens.

For the electronics with CRTs in them, their entire weight will not count toward the recycling program, Siejak said.

”If they want to take them and even if we don’t get credit for them, that’s fine with me,” Councilman Mark C. Crocker said.

The Town of Lockport started an electronic recycling program in 2011. Since then it has grown in popularity.

In July town residents recycled 2,126 pounds of electronics, netting Lockport a total of $182.84 in revenue. The Town of Lockport receives 8.6 cents per pound of recycled electronics.

For the year, Lockport has recycled a total of 29,140 pounds for a total of $2,418.52. Electronics recycling is up considerably in the town, as at about this time last year, residents had recycled about 16,000 pounds of electronics, Siejak said.

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