Lockport area hit hard by flash flooding

The intersection of S. Transit and W. Main Street flooded after heavy rains in Lockport on Tuesday.

Volunteers from the American Red Cross have opened a shelter in Lockport for residents displaced by recent flooding in the Robinson Road area. The shelter is located at the Rapids Volunteer Fire Department on Plank Road.

Volunteers are offering residents a place to stay, food and water, comfort and support.

Following Tuesday’s historic storms in Lockport, the American Red Cross is reminding area residents to:

• Avoid already flooded areas and areas that are subject to sudden flooding such as dips, low spots, canyons, washes etc. Stay away from rivers, streams, creeks and storm drains.

• The National Weather Service reports that nearly half of all flood fatalities are vehicle related. Do not attempt to cross flowing streams or water covered roads.

• If caught in a flash flood, try to get to higher ground and stay there. Just six inches of fast-flowing water can knock you over and two feet will float a car.

• Turn around and find another route if you come upon floodwater, rapidly rising water or barricades. Barricades are put up by local officials to protect people from unsafe roads. Driving around them will put you and your vehicles occupants at serious risk.

• Don’t allow children to play in or near flood water. It may be contaminated with sewage.

Indoor Safety

• Avoid contact with floodwater. It may be contaminated with sewage.

• Continue listening to local area radio, NOAA radio or TV stations for the latest information and updates.

• Don’t use gas or electrical appliances that have been flooded until after they have been checked for safety.

• Dispose of any food that has come into contact with flood water.

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