Roy-Hart grad ready to take the next step

Contributed photoJordyn Bobzien is third of her class at the Royalton-Hartland School District. She recently received a full scholarship from NCCC.

Graduating high school is just the beginning. For some graduates the next step involves a move far from home. For students like Jordyn Bobzien, a class of 2020 graduate from Royalton-Hartland School District, she’s right where she wants to be.

Bobzien, who graduated third in her class, received a full-scholarship to NCCC where she intends to study massage therapy. She said, she didn’t really know what she wanted to do until receiving acupuncture treatments herself.

“I love to help people,” Bobzien said. “It’s one thing that I always go toward. Whenever I’m in a situation where I can benefit somebody else, I’m always there for it.”

Another thing that she gravitated toward is high grades. Bobzien said, she’s always wanted a scholarship out of high school. In addition to academics, Bobzien has tried most of the sports, but mainly swimming. She also was in the musical Roy-Hart puts on every year and for the last couple of years has been landing lead parts.

“It was a good experience and it really helped with my public speaking, stage fright, all that kind of stuff,” she said.

While she does have to complete a massage therapy certificate before she can continue to a school of acupuncture, Bobzien is already very knowledgable about acupuncture, which she credits in helping her continue to be able to swim on the team.

“It’s very relaxing and you lay on the table and they put the needles in you and you don’t even feel them. It’s just a little poke in the beginning and then you sit there for about 30 minutes, and it loosens up all your muscles.”

Currently, Bobzien is moving out of her parent’s house to live with her sister who is also in college. She said, she’s ready to take on more responsibility and looks forward to the second chapter of her life. Also, it doesn’t hurt, she said, to have a free education.

“They love it,” she said, speaking of her parents. “They are so happy I was able to get it. All I have to pay for is books, so all the money I saved up for college I can put to my acupuncture school. I don’t have to worry about any loans or anything from banks. I’m basically set.”

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