The Royalton Town Board approved the Phase 16 Water project on Monday night following a public hearing that failed to bring any supporters or detractors of the resolution to the floor.

“It’s not the last phase,” Supervisor Dan Bragg said. “But it is one of the last major ones. The other phases are small enough that (Water/Sewer Superintendent) Brian (Cummings) can do in-house.”

The project includes the installation of 25,150 feet of 8-inch PCV distribution waterline along pieces Akron Road and Ditch Road/Griswold Street.

It was in 1989 that the then-Town Board decided to extend public water across the entire town. At this time, many residents depended on well-water. Today, 15 phases of the water projects have provided most of the residents with water that is bought by the town from Niagara County currently at $0.90 per 1,000 gallons. Debt service for the 15 phases is paid annually by the town at $411,936.

The cost of this the Phase 16 project is $3,500,000 as estimated by Paul McGarvey, town engineer, with Akron Road estimated some of the costs to be $340,000 for work between Bullmore Road and NYS Route 93, and another $540,000 between NYS Route 93 and Grove Road. Griswold Street, between Lewiston and when Griswold turns into Ditch Road, will cost $1,020,000 and then from there, all the way to Foote Road it will cost $790,000.

To afford this cost, the Town of Royalton authorized during its regular meeting the issuance of $3,500,000 in serial bonds with the estimated total annual debt service of $189,374 making the total debt service paid by the town for its water projects to be $601,310 annually. Another $36,544 is the estimated cost of yearly maintenance expenses.

There is no expected price hike for water in the Town of Royalton. Based on the 2021 budget, the current annual cost for water supply from Niagara County is $230,000 and new customers are projected to need 1,374,000 gallons at a cost of $1,237. Customers continue to pay $40 for up to 3,000 gallons, $2.45 for the next 17,000 gallons per 1,000, $2.05 for the next 40,000 per 1,000 and $1.90 per 1,000 gallons above 60,000 gallons 

There will also be no change in user and non-user costs. Users will pay $250 annually, $50 for non-users who have improved a parcel of land with no water main, $10 for non-users who have not improved a parcel but have access to a water main, and $1 for an unimproved parcel without a water main.

The newest phase will provide water to 28 new service connections and meters, and will include seven interconnections, 50 new hydrants and 25 new valves.

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