The Lockport school board delayed a decision whether and how to fill former trustee John Craig's seat because two board members were not present during last week's work session. 

Trustees Kevin Pratt and Edward Sandell were excused, according to board president John Linderman, who noted that during the board roll call. 

Trustees who were present did not feel comfortable deciding how to proceed without Pratt and Sandell. Since there are planned absences at the Aug. 14 meeting, the board will discuss the Craig seat at one of its September meetings. 

Linderman said if anyone would like to voice their opinion on the Craig seat, or if they are interested in the seat, they can speak during the public comment portion of the board's Wednesday business meeting, right before the end, when members of the public may speak about non-agenda items. 

Linderman said that, so far, he has received two letters of interest in appointment to Craig's seat. 

After the meeting, Linderman said the board has not requested letters of intent, but anyone who wants to express an interest may email the board. 

Craig's letter of resignation from the school board, dated July 12, was marked received by the district clerk on July 18. Craig previously said his resignation was for personal reasons.

Three options are available to a school board with a vacant seat. The board may: leave the seat vacant until the next election, in May 2020; call a special election; or appoint someone to the board. The estimated cost of a special election is about $18,000, according to Deborah Coder, the assistant superintendent of finance and management.