School zones in the city and the town have been made safer in recent years with the installation of stop signs.

Lockport High School athletics director Todd Sukdolak, a member of the city’s Traffic Advisory Committee, said two new, all-way stop signs at LHS were installed to improve pedestrian traffic for athletes walking to and from the district’s all-weather turf baseball diamonds.

Also, a four-way stop sign has been installed at the intersection of Locust Street and Harding Avenue, and a three-way stop sign is up at the intersection of Harding and Beattie avenues, in front of Charles Upson Elementary School.

The school district brought the pedestrian traffic safety concerns to the Common Council’s ad-hoc Traffic Advisory Committee last year. Since the signs were installed, Sukdolak said he has noted fewer vehicles are speeding past the high school and conditions for crossing Locust Street on the east side of LHS are safer.

“We have kids who walk over to the Beattie fields and back for practice,” Sukdolak said.

School officials said flashing yellow lights were considered but ultimately the stop signs were preferred.

Those stop signs are among several “new” ones around the city that motorists and others are still getting used to.

All-way stop signs were installed a few years ago in front of Emmet Belknap Intermediate School, to bolster pedestrian safety there.

An all-way stop sign has been installed at the intersection of Park Avenue and Michigan Street to increase safety for Candlelight Cabinetry Inc. employees walking between the factory on the south side of Park Avenue and employee parking lots on the north side.

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