Construction of a splash park at Krull Park should begin this summer.
Niagara County will start construction after winning grants from the state parks department and the Niagara River Greenway Commission.
The Greenway Commission gave the county $288,000 to build splash parks in two parks, Krull and Oppenheim Park in Wheatfield.
Work will start first in Olcott because the county already received a grant of $99,000 from the state specifically for Krull Park. Greenway money will be used to help “match” the state grant, Public Works Commissioner Kevin O’Brien said.
A splash park is the modern equivalent of the old kiddie pool in parks: It’s a place where children can splash around and cool off on a hot summer day, for free.
Splash parks are better, because they’re environmentally friendlier and more economical, O’Brien said. Sprays of water come out of playground-type equipment on a timer and at the push of a button. The water doesn’t pool, so there’s nothing to treat chemically and no risk to those who don’t know how to swim. If there’s an unusually warm day in mid-September, the park can be opened up quickly. 
“It’s not your father’s old wading pool anymore,” O’Brien said. The splash parks planned for Krull and Oppenheim are “really nice, state-of-the-art” water play centers.
The Krull splash park will have waterworks named Cosmic Cannon, Froggie-O, Polly Palm, Sneaker Soaker, Power Post (with three buckets) and Ho-Lee Post. It’ll be built over the old wading pool near the playground on the south side of Krull Park; the wading pool has already been demolished. Plans and specifications have been submitted to the state for final approval; the county is hoping to get the work going in June, O’Brien said.
Splash park construction could start at Oppenheim Park this year, as well. The county has applied for another state parks grant, for up to $166,000, to help fund a project that would include construction of a bathroom with changing facilities.

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