Summerfest arrives on Saturday at Porter-on-the-Lake

By Benjamin Joe/contributorThe Town of Porter's Summerfest is 3 p.m. to dusk on Saturday featuring two prominent bands, a clown, pony rides as well as a dozen food options and some merchandise vendors, too.

PORTER — Saturday is Summerfest at Porter-on-the-Lake. 

The event, from 3 p.m. to dusk, is family friendly with kids under 12 getting in free. It will feature two prominent bands, a clown, pony rides as well as a dozen food options and some merchandise vendors, too. 

Some of the vendors include Sangar Farms, the Spicey Pickel, Casa Antica, the Mug and Musket, Youngstown Galley, Stone Jug and other food trucks, like “the Great Foodini” food truck, serving poutine, fried Oreos and cotton candy. 

“I could go on and on,” Tim Adamson, councilman of the Town of Porter, said. “The venue is Porter-on-the-Lake. That’s the former Occidental private park that they used to have that the Town of Porter bough off of them over 10 years ago.”

Adamson said that all the proceeds — tickets cost $5 to pay the musicians — will go directly back into the park. It includes a 300-person pavilion with tables as well as two smaller pavilions and a place for the band to stand as well.

“90 West, that’s going to be the starting band,” Adamson said. “Very well known band and following that is going to be Strictly Hip. We’re going to have a dance floor down by the band. We have a shelter that’s just for the band that sits below with the Lake in the background … The sunset it makes is absolutely awesome!” 

Adamson also mentioned that there are about a dozen local merchandise vendors already signed up and that any more interested parties can contact the Town of Porter Town Hall for more information. 

“We welcome all the vendors in the world!” Adamson said. “There will be merchandise vendors there selling jewelry, sunglasses … artsty type stuff.” 

After the sun does set, there will be fireworks, “equal to any event in the area,” Adamson said.

“There’ll be two beverage tents which will have soft drinks, beer and we have wine,” Adamson said. ”At a very reasonable price, all drinks are $3. From having events for the children and for the adults, it’s a true family event. The philosophy is food, fun and fireworks.” 

Adamson said that the entire program is run by volunteers, though the event does have corporate sponsors, ranging from large companies to small businesses.

“This is the second time we’ve done it on July 20th,” Adamson said. “It used to be a Labor Day event but the reason we changed from that is that with Labor Day, a lot of people have to go back to work the next day.”