Weyrauch promoted by BOCES

Mike Weyrauch

Orleans/Niagara BOCES has named Michael Weyrauch as its new Director of Career and Technical Education and Instructional Services.

Before taking over the reins of the two programs, Weyrauch was the principal at Orleans Career and Technical Education Center in Medina. He has been with BOCES for nearly eight years.

Weyrauch has an associate’s degree from SUNY Canton and a bachelor's and master’s degree in Technology Education from SUNY Oswego. After teaching technology at Medina High School for several years, he began to pursue his education administration certification from SUNY Brockport and was appointed an assistant principal at Wise Middle School in Medina. He later earned a doctorate in educational leadership from the University of Rochester.

In his new role at BOCES, Weyrauch says one of his main focuses is to continue to provide support to students and staff.

“In education, the goal is to inspire those around you, to understand what opportunities and challenges they have to face on a daily basis," he said. "I was lucky enough to have three outstanding teachers, an elementary teacher, a middle school technology teacher and a ninth grade English teacher who truly did push me to be successful even on the days that I didn’t feel that I could be. I have never forgotten those individuals.

"Even though I am no longer in the classroom, I still want to be able to encourage and inspire students and give them every opportunity to be successful. As educators that should be our primary focus.”

Weyrauch and his wife, Jennifer, have three daughters, aged 12, 9 and 3.

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