Wronski announces 4th Ward candidacy

Chris Wronski

Small business owner Chris Wronski has announced his candidacy for 4th Ward Alderman on the Republican ticket, setting up a three-way GOP primary race in June.

Wronski, a lifelong Lockport resident, says he has seen good times and some down times in the city over the years.

“The one thing that I know for certain is that the good times had great leaders in local offices, individuals that represented the people of the city with a finger on the pulse of those that live and work here,” he said. “Right now, that is exactly what we need to bring back to the city, strong leadership that understands that local office is a civil service, one that gives you a chance to represent your neighbors and friends honestly with their best interests in mind.”

Wronski said he believes it's an alderman's responsibility to listen to their neighbors and cast votes that help create policies that are important to them and in their best interest.

“I’m not someone that will follow along with the status quo,” Wronski said. “I want to make a difference in people’s lives and lead this city to become best version of itself that it can be.”

Wronski, his wife Robin and their son Nikolas reside on Walnut Street. Wronski said he's pursuing a city office to make the city a better place to live for his neighbors, friends and family.

"As a father I feel it's my responsibility to give my child a better life than I had, which will be difficult because my parents are amazing individuals who raised myself and my sisters to become the best version of ourselves,” he said. “The only way that I see an opportunity to do more is by affecting the entire community we live in to make our city one that we can all be proud to call home. ... It’s time for real leadership to make positive change.”

Wronski is the CEO and marketing strategist for W Marketing Group.

“The platform I want to run on is that I'm just like my constituents and I understand what they need to have a better life within the city," he said. "Sometimes, that’s what we need to fix the problems of our city — something different.”

Kyle Lambalzer, a current members of the Lockport school board, and Kitty Fogle, past 3rd Ward Alderman, also are pursuing the Republican ballot line in the 4th Ward race. The primary election will be held on June 22.

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