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There are many good reasons I’m so happy to be back at my job as a writer for this newspaper. For one, I can resume my summertime hobby of chasing tourists.

When I walked up to the Niagara Gazette's office the first time I didn't know much about life or what I wanted to do with mine.

On Monday night, after watching our two candidates for Mayor take questions from local journalists for an hour at the Keenan Center, I sat down to write a column about how lucky we were are here in Lockport. It seemed that Mayor Michelle Roman and challenger David Wohleben were both strong c…

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When fire destroyed a Niagara Falls apartment building on May 24, 2019, your American Red Cross was there. Volunteers Betsy Crocker and Sharon Daut responded directly to the scene on Ontario Avenue, meeting with three families who had just lost everything in the blink of an eye, including an…

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If navigating New York state’s cashless toll system on Grand Island has been a frustrating experience for you, then remember the names Carl Kettle, Larry Biesuz Jr. and David Tredo.

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